Ziyi Tang



Dream, Acrylic, Charcoal on canvas, 160cm*160cm

I grew up with a lot of dreams, so I frequently try to recollect them during my creative process. I strive to delve into the deepest recesses of my consciousness, unearthing forgotten and repressed memories and emotions, and then translating them onto canvas. Initially, I paint outdoors in nature, letting my intuition guide me as I apply random strokes of color, leaving lines and blocks on the canvas. The reality of my surroundings often shapes these forms, gradually imbuing them with a symbolic message.

Subsequently, I bring the painting indoors to my studio. Here, I commence the process of layering, overlapping the lines and blocks of color, giving rise to new shapes and figurative details. In the final stages, I retreat into a smaller, more secluded space, minimizing external influences. This allows me to tap into more dreams and elusive fragments of childhood memories, infusing them into my artistic practice.