Ziyi Tang


Body Triptych

As a woman, I often perceive my body as a fragile and cumbersome object due to constant scrutiny and external manipulation. The original freedom and intentionality of my body become suppressed in this process. I believe the root cause of this alienation lies in the objectification and instrumentalization of the female body by male power, along with the internalized submission of women to male norms.

In this project, I have endeavored to discover ways to liberate the repressed body through the portrayal of the human form. The aim is to restore the body's subjectivity and its right to govern its own life. The fleshly bodies I depict are not merely objects but assert themselves as autonomous beings, serving as both expressions of experience and manifestations of ideology. Through the exploration of the flesh, I use painting as a tool to comprehend the forces of life, nature, and my own identity. Abstraction, in this context, becomes a visual dialogue between existing world formats and systems.

Body triptychs Part I, oil on canvas, 40cm*50cm

Body triptychs Part II, oil on canvas,  120cm*50cm

Body triptychs Part III, oil on canvas, 40cm*50cm